3 Reasons to Garden

Longer days and warmer weather can only mean one thing: summer is finally here. This is a great time to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors, or at least your own backyard. If you haven’t started already, this summer is also a perfect time to start your own garden. Here are 3 reasons why gardening is a perfect hobby for this summer.


Gardening can help reduce stress and encourage positive mental health. It gets you outside, which gives you exposure to the sun, a great source of Vitamin D. With so many Canadians experiencing Vitamin D deficiency for most of the year, gardening is a great excuse to revitalize your body.

There are other studies that have linked gardening to a reduction in depression and a drop in blood pressure. The ability to grow your own fruits and vegetables will also promote a healthier lifestyle. With a lot of the food market turning toward an organic way of growing foods, nothing can be more organic than growing your own. Homegrown food not only tastes better, it is fresher and you know for sure what has gone into growing that particular fruit or vegetable.


If you have a family, gardening is a great activity to do together. All members of the family can contribute and enjoy the process. It is also a great way to expose your kids to healthy foods and to allow them to see and be a part of the natural process of growing plants. Who knows, it may instill in them a lifelong love of gardening! What a great opportunity to grow your own pumpkins for Hallowe’en or that prize-winning giant squash. Gardening will also help educate your children around the plant life cycle and all that it entails.


The most important aspect of any hobby is that it has to be fun. If you are not having fun, then you must not be doing it right! Gardening should bring out your inner child. Remember when it was fun to dig in the dirt and look for worms? Well gardening will bring back those memories. It is your opportunity to grow what you want in the amount you want. Over time, gardening should bring you a deep-seated satisfaction as you have nurtured your garden from seedlings to harvest.

Summer is here, and so is the opportunity to get outside and plant a garden. Besides the obvious health benefits derived from a garden, a garden will also allow you spend some quality family time with your loved ones. So take advantage of those long, warm summer days and get out and grow!

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