Christie’s Niagara on the Lake Realty Luxury Homes Division

Specialty Marketing Opportunities

Together Niagara real estate and Christie’s boast some of the world’s finest properties.

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Niagara on the Lake Realty, an affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, provides local expertise with an intensified global reach. In addition to Niagara on the lake realty’s comprehensive marketing program, your home may qualify for our Luxury Homes Division Marketing Program that elevates the presentation of unique, high-end properties. Offering a strategic mix of advertising, the program is customized to attract highly qualified buyers.

Christie’s International Real Estate Magazine

Niagara Real Estate - Niagara on the lake Realty - Luxury Home

Rich with striking photography and engaging descriptions, the Christie’s International Real Estate Magazine is as keepsake publication. Produced four times a year, the magazine brochure cover reaches approximately one million readers annually. A targeted mailing list ensures that each issue is sent to individuals with exceptional means. The magazine can be found at newsstands, fine bookstores, fashionable hotels, private airport lounges, and Affiliate offices across the world. Distribution also includes important Christie’s auctions in such cities as Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, London, Milan, Geneva, and Paris.

Niagara on the Lake Realty has made a substantial financial commitment to appear in every issue of the magazine. A direct mailing of the magazine will also be sent from Christie’s to approximately 200 of Niagara on the Lake Realty’s clientele.

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Brochure Design & Distribution

Custom designed for select properties, visually enhanced brochures are prominently Christie International sales brochure displayed in our offices and distributed to potential buyers interested in Niagara real estate. The high quality brochures will also be available at our Affiliate Partners in Toronto. The brochures articulates the amenities, the uniqueness and lifestyle each property offers.

Christie’s International Real Estate Website

Attracting millions of worldwide visitors, the Christie’s International Real Estate Web site is the preferred website for buyers and sellers across the globe in the luxury home sales market. The site consistently ranks among the top results on major search engines. The average number of monthly page views tops one million. Access to an affluent audience is further enhanced by a direct link, which bring in thousands of potential buyer each day.

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Building Business Through Client Introductions

Christie’s has a formal program to reward all 2,000 employees, who are instrumental in introducing buyers and sellers of luxury residential real estate to the Affiliates. It should be noted that the senior management of Christie’s International Real Estate is also financially rewarded and directed to increase introductions to Affiliates.

Christie’s Auction House

The combined global network of Christie’s Auction House and Christie’s International Real Estate creates a world class showcase of distinctive properties.

Introductions between art and real estate clientele create mutually beneficial synergy. This synergy has built a world class platform for target marketing of affluent properties. No other network offers this level of internal visibility to qualified buyers in the luxury real estate market.

Sales Representatives of Niagara Real Estate have a working relationship with one of the most renowned and trusted auction houses in the world. Should you wish to sell property content, our agents will assist you in the process of gathering all pertinent information and referring you to our representative in New York.