Never Judge a Home by Its Cover

Buying a home is an exciting event in any person’s life. First time homebuyer or seasoned pro, it does not matter — acquiring Niagara on the Lake real estate is joyful. A happy moment can quickly turn sour if you discover that your home is not all that meets the eye.

There is much more to a house than exterior beauty. Even a seemingly pristine structure can house hidden secrets that will cost a pretty penny to repair. Fixing prior damage is no easy task, but avoiding homes that are in disrepair is easy and necessary. Before viewing your next piece of property, learn what to look for beneath the surface and always remember, you cannot judge a home by its cover.

The Structure

A compromised structure is the last thing that you want to find after purchasing a home. Finding that your house is sitting on a bad foundation, needs a new roof or has other structural inconsistencies can be devastating. At minimal, these are very expensive repairs that take a lot of time and resources, but they must be completed to have a home that is deemed sound. Some of these issues are very difficult to spot with the naked eye. Hiring an inspector to clear the home of costly damages is well worth the investment.


An additional often unseen component of a home is the plumbing. Bad piping can be nearly as costly to repair as a damaged structure. Before you purchase a home, check under every sink for leaks. Make sure that every faucet runs efficiently and that all drains are in working order. Keep an eye out for clogs. If you are able to look under the home, it is highly recommended. Again, check for leaks or any signs of prior water damage. Insure that the piping is in good working condition.


Electrical wiring is nearly a ghost when it comes to home tours. Bad wiring can be extremely dangerous and costly to repair. Hiring a professional inspector is the best way to insure that the wiring in your potential new home is up to code, but be sure to check each light switch during your home tour.


Flooring is an additional costly home repair if it is left unseen. Water damage is common in the kitchen and bathroom areas. During your home tour, check these areas for give or obvious signs of decay.

Hiring a professional real estate agent, like Kevin Stokes , Sales Representative at Niagara on the Lake Realty, can help you to find your perfect home. For more information, visit our buyer’s page.