Niagara Homes Announces NOTL Spring/Summer Events!


Photo courtesy of Peller Estates Facebook

As the weather heated up to the high 20s this past holiday weekend, it was clear to see everyone was in the long weekend mood, including myself!

The first event that was worthy of a visit was the Peller Food Trucks event. The name is self-explanatory but just to be clear, Peller Estates Winery turned over a section of their property for the weekend, and thirty food trucks turned up, providing a wide range of foods from oysters and champagne through to pizzas, southern fried chicken, Mexican, and loads more. Of course, Peller had a wine station and the line-ups were long to say the least! Parking was arranged on the Commons with buses laid on, efficiently ferrying the crowds back and forth. With live music and large crowds over the whole weekend, the event was a major success and I am sure there were many visitors with headaches the next morning. The event is sure to take place again next year. Visit Peller Estates for more up and coming events. You can trust that I will be on site for many future Peller Estates affairs.

Another long weekend event worth mentioning is the Virgil Stampede. Virgil is a village just outside Niagara on the Lake and each year, they hold their long weekend event. To be honest, I did not make it to the event itself but they have one of the best firework finales I have ever seen.  Luckily for me, I have friends whose back yard faces directly onto the firework launch site so talk about a great view! From the comfort of my friend’s gazebo with wine in hand, it was definitely a great way to spend an evening. Interested in homes near the town of Virgil? Contact Niagara Homes and let’s see what we can do to put you in the heart of the stampede next year.

The above events are just a small sample of what you can expect from our fine community in the summer months ahead. Be sure to visit my Niagara Homes blog regularly over the weeks to come to catch an activity that piques the interests of you and/or your family. You’ll never want for “something to do” when moving to Niagara on the Lake, even if that “something” means kicking back and doing “nothing”.

I welcome you to contact me at Niagara Homes or call me directly anytime to start the relationship with a friendly, casual conversation about your move to the NOTL region – we’re happy to have you join us.

Kevin Stokes

Niagara Homes