Niagara Homes – Busy Weekend Again!

As Friday afternoon passed, one of my colleagues in my NOTL Real Estate office suggested I visit the local St. David’s Carnival – This event, run by the Lions (my colleague is a member), is on for the whole weekend and was VERY busy. Fun fair rides, burgers & fries, shooting gallery, and all the things you would expect, drew in the crowd.  After a few hours, we decided to walk to The Fire Hall (a local restaurant with a nice patio area) for a beer and to listen to the live band for a couple of hours.

NOTL Real Estate | Niagara on the Lake | St. David's Carnival

Saturday morning, my wife informed me we had to go the Farmers Market in Niagara-on-the-Lake as she was handing out leaflets for an art show – Art By the Lighthouse at the Niagara Pumphouse for next weekend. While she handed out the leaflets, I wandered around the market and got us a coffee and some fresh homemade waffles with locally grown peaches and cream – fantastic!

Having then delivered leaflets to around a dozen B&Bs (there are around 150 in total so we got off lightly) we went home via one of the many local fruit stalls open at this time of year, and had some lunch before carrying out some work in the back yard. We then had an appointment to visit one of the local wine stores to bottle our order of wine – 30 white and 30 red. This was actually a fun task as we formed a production line of bottle cleaning, drying, filling, corking, labelling and packing. We returned home with our purchase and unloaded the car, ready to stock the wine cellar shelves. BY early evening, we had some light rain which detracted from my original plan to barbeque so we decided to make homemade pizza and sample a bottle of the newly acquired wine. Both were very enjoyable.

NOTL Real Estate | Niagara on the Lake | Farmer's Market

As we woke up on Sunday morning, I prepared my various documents and files for my Open House later in the day. After breakfast, we decided to visit the Niagara Corvette Show at Reif Estate Winery. This was amazingly good and there were several hundred cars there – not just Corvettes! Again, this event drew large crowds and time passed very quickly – suddenly, it was time for my Open House.

NOTL Real Estate | Niagara on the Lake | Classic Car

My wife advised that after my Open House, we had a cheese & wine party to go to for the rest of the afternoon. As these are two of my favorite things, I was keen to go. We stayed until well past the official finishing time and decided we had better go before we were thrown out.

If you enjoy weekends like these and are considering moving to the NOTL area, get in touch with me, Kevin Stokes, at my Niagara Homes office.