Small Kitchen?  5 Ways to Make the Most of your Limited Space.

So, your perfect home has everything you have been looking for but has a small kitchen with limited space.  A creative approach to this problem will save you both the time and money of renovating your kitchen.  As the premier agent for NOTL real estate, I would like to offer you the following ways to make the most out of your limited kitchen space.

Think Vertical

The best way to create space is by going up!  Once you have filled up your kitchen cabinets, drawers and cupboards look at your empty walls.  Using your available wall space is an excellent way to get the most out of your limited kitchen space.

Think about:

  • Mounting magnetic knife holders above your kitchen counters.
  • Hanging pots and pans from a rack above your kitchen table or from shelving.
  • Hanging oven mitts and dish towels from rods, hooks or racks.
  • Storing spices, cookware and dishes on shelving.

By going vertical, you will be able to free up precious and limited counter space and keep it free of clutter and debris.

Go Big

Create the illusion of more space by adding some colour to your kitchen.  Pick an accent wall and paint it or hang a piece of your favourite art.  A stylish, large mirror is another great way to open your kitchen.  Give your small kitchen a bit of personalization and maximize that limited space.

Shed Some light on it

If you are looking at upgrading any part of your kitchen, upgrade your lighting.  A well-lit room not only makes it appear larger, it also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Try to find lighting that provides a nice sunlit glow that will add an invigorating feeling to your kitchen.

Portable Options

A small kitchen does not mean a kitchen without a dishwasher.  Think about adding a portable dishwasher to your kitchen that can be wheeled into a larger room when not in use.  Another great option is a counter top dishwasher.  Either choice will provide you with the same time-saving convenience of a standard dishwasher.  Look around and find one with the proper dimensions for your kitchen.

Live the Island Life

A kitchen island is the most versatile kitchen tool for any space.  An island not only provides more counter space it also provides more storage.  A portable kitchen island can double as a bar at your next party and be moved to other rooms to free up much needed space.

A small kitchen should not be synonymous with a renovation.  Instead, get creative and look for ways to maximize the limited space.  If you would like more information on ways to get the most out of small spaces or are interested in some of the exciting new NOTL real estate options, please contact me today.