Staging Your Niagara on the Lake Home this Holiday Season

The winter is a great time to place your Niagara on the Lake real estate on the market. Though the pace has slowed from the summer season, there are still many eager buyers who are hoping to place an offer on their perfect home.

The holiday season provides homeowners a welcomed pass when it comes to staging. After all, it is the holidays, when even those who are far from interior designers make an effort to decorate their home. You will probably find that staging during this time of the year is very easy—decorate your home as you normally would, for the most part. Here are some tips for staging your house for the real estate market this holiday season.

Stay Neutral

Though using a nice, winter themed color pallet is encouraged, the best designs are those that are appealing to a large variety of potential buyers. You should not use any colors that are not traditional for the season, such as pink, orange or black. One can never go wrong by sticking with the traditional colors of red and green, adding a bit of shimmering gold, or bringing the winter inside with pastel blues and silver. Also, avoid using any unusual decor items this year that some buyers might find off-putting—such as your extensive collection of Frosty the Snowman figurines.

Create Comfort

There are few things better than snuggling up on your couch with a lovely throw and a warm cup of tea on a cold winter day. Spark a craving for this action by creating a welcoming feel to your home. Strategically place throw-blankets, light the fireplace when it is available and use light to your advantage by setting the mood to relaxing warmth. Do not forget to bake a batch of your favourite holiday cookies before a big showing. Those scrumptious treats, couples with fresh hot tea, will be greatly appreciated by your shoppers and add to your home’s overall appeal.

Avoid Over-Decorating

Keeping your staging simple is always the best route. Avoid over-decorating by leaving some details for next year, when your home is not up for sale. Too much decor can make your home appear cluttered and might take away from its overall appeal. If you are having trouble with seeing unnecessary touches, bring in a friend or family member who will give you an honest opinion about your holiday staging. Also, be sure that you do not create any potential hazards in your home. Your train set is nice, but your guests could easily trip over unseen sections.

Sell Your Home

Selling your home during the holiday season is easier than you might think. It is all about good staging. If you stick with these simple tips, your experience with the winter real estate market will be great. For more tips, visit our selling page or contact a representative with Niagara Homes today.