Why You Should Consider Repainting Your Home’s Exterior Before You Sell

A home’s exterior paint is not just a way for it to look pretty; it actually has an important purpose. Like your skin, the paint serves as a barrier against outside elements that would either deteriorate the outside finishes much quicker or, worse, could infiltrate the inner structure of your house.

Aside from that, yes, it does look pretty. The first impression your home gives can have quite an impact on a buyer’s desire to commit to a sale, and the condition of the house as well as its color will play into this effect. To decide whether or not your home’s exterior paint might just need a few new coats, here are some benefits repainting can offer:

Gives You a Chance to Perform Needed Maintenance

When coming and going from our homes, we often stop noticing small changes on its exterior. A piece of trim that was once only slightly loose may now be drooping several inches, exposing the soffit above and providing an entry point for insects or water.

A repainting project creates the perfect opportunity to notice issues like this and correct them. Since fresh paint will not hold to a dirty or disheveled surface, the first step is to prepare the surface by fixing any problems, covering up holes with putty or caulk and then sanding away irregularities on the surface.

During this time, you are bound to notice problems you had ignored for years, such as a mildew-y spot near your porch steps or a patch of paint that was peeling badly. Once surface preparation is complete, your issues will be dealt with and replaced by a clean, fresh coat of primer and then paint.

Renew Your Home’s Protection

Living near a body of water like Niagara Lake, you often encounter nature a few more times than you would like. Homes that are neglected can see mildew, insect invasions and water damage along with elemental problems like heavy rains, winds or falling branches. Over time, these elements take their toll upon your home unless you enact measures against them.

Paint is one of the most important of these measures. A high-quality exterior paint will shield against external problems like moisture or insects, giving your home a barrier that can prolong the lifespan of its exterior finishes.

Revitalize Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Like maintenance problems, you may not have noticed how your exterior paint color has faded over the years. Drab homes do not look flattering in photos, and visiting them in person is hardly any different. Fresh paint, even if it is almost the exact same color, will reflect light in new ways that catch the eye and add to character as well as curb presence.

For all these reasons, you should consider having your home repainted before a sale. Unless you have performed the project recently, you will likely be able to reap significant benefits while adding to the home’s appeal and value.

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