Improving your Home’s Curb Appeal

We have made it through another winter here in NOTL; longer days and warmer weather are right around the corner.  So, time to move your attention to improving the outside of your home and increasing its curb appeal before the beginning of the always busy spring real estate market in Niagara.

As the premier agent for all your real estate needs in NOTL, here are some great ways to improve your curb appeal and attract a wide range of interested buyers this spring.


One of the quickest ways to transform your home’s outside or inside for that matter is by giving it a fresh coat of paint.  A home’s exterior paint is not just a way for it to look pretty; it actually has an important purpose. Like your skin, the paint serves as a barrier against outside elements that would either deteriorate the outside finish much quicker or, worse, could infiltrate the inner structure of your house.

Aside from that, yes, it does look pretty. The first impression of your home can have quite an impact on a buyer’s desire to commit to a sale, and the condition of the house as well as its colour will play into this effect. So let’s get painting.

An Opportunity for Extra Maintenance

When coming and going from our homes, we often stop noticing small changes on its exterior. A piece of trim that was once only slightly loose may now be drooping several inches, exposing the soffit above and providing an entry point for insects or water.

A repainting project creates the perfect opportunity to notice issues like this and correct them. Since fresh paint will not hold to a dirty or disheveled surface, the first step is to prepare the surface by fixing any problems, covering up holes with putty or caulk and then sanding away irregularities on the surface.

During this time, you are bound to notice problems you had ignored for years, such as a mildew spot near your porch steps or a patch of paint that was peeling badly. Once surface preparation is complete, your issues will be dealt with and replaced by a clean, fresh coat of primer and then paint.

Renew Your Home’s Protection

Living near a body of water like Lake Ontario, you encounter nature a few more times than you would like. Homes that are neglected can see mildew, insect invasions and water damage along with elemental problems like heavy rains, winds or falling branches. Over time, these elements take their toll upon your home unless you enact measures against them.

Paint is one of the most important of these measures. A high-quality exterior paint will shield against external problems like moisture or insects, giving your home a barrier that can prolong the lifespan of its exterior finishes.

Bring Back that Curb Appeal

Like maintenance problems, you may not have noticed how your exterior paint colour has faded over the years. Drab homes do not look flattering in photos, and visiting them in person is hardly any different. Fresh paint, even if it is almost the exact same colour, will reflect light in new ways that catch the eye and add to character as well as curb presence.

For all these reasons, you should consider having your home repainted before a sale.  If you have any questions about repainting your home or would like some direction of colour choice or what is hot in the neighbourhood and community right now, please don’t hesitate to call me.  In some cases, home sellers are also interested in bringing a new coat of paint and a splash of colour inside as well.  Here is a quick and easy step-by-step process of how to paint the interior of your home if you so wish and how easy it really is. Enjoy.

It’s as Easy as 1,2,3…

Boring, old paint can date even the most functional and potentially beautiful of spaces. Not everyone has the money to hire a professional crew to come out and tackle their painting projects, and for some buyers, doing it yourself might seem like a laughable idea.

If you are looking to sell your home this year, or if you have purchased a home that needs some rooms repainted, you need to be let in on a well-kept secret—repainting is not nearly as difficult as it may seem. Choosing a new colour is half the battle; neutrals are all the rage these days, with greys and pastels leading the pack for most popular colour selections.

Here’s the Deal:

Once you have an idea of your colour palette, follow these five easy steps for the right way to paint your Niagara home to have a final product that is beautifully done.

Clean the Surfaces

Take a sponge, water and mild dishwashing detergent, and spend some time washing all of the dust and outstanding stains off of your walls. Leaving the debris will create an uneven surface that is filled with small particles of undesirable objects. Do not forget to knock those cobwebs and dust bunnies out of the corners of your walls.

If you have a popcorn ceiling, it is time for it to go. Clean it up, and get ready to replace it with a smooth, modern finish. After you have cleaned these surfaces, tape around each edge and outlet so that you will not get paint on any trim surfaces.

Paint the Perimeter

It is time to start painting. Paint your corners and the perimeter of the room first, following the edge of the ceiling and trim, as well as smoothly filling in the corners. This is known as cutting around the edges. You should do this one section at a time, painting a parameter, then the entire wall, so that you can prevent lines from forming. Paint your walls in a W pattern, starting from the corners and working your way inward. Go one wall at a time, do not rush, take your time and enjoy the activity.

Paint the Width of the Ceiling

Rolling the ceiling is the correct way to get the rooms of your Niagara home painted. Once you have dipped your roller, roll it across your sheet to get all of the excess paint off. You should start in the corner of your room, making an effort to blend the fresh paint with the lines that were previously completed. Move your roller in a motion that is going across your body, rather than along, and always paint the direction of width, not length. Once you have finished with the ceiling, carefully paint the trim.

And there you have it-a very simple crash course in painting.  You will definitely be pleasantly surprised at how it transforms your home, so be prepared for offers at your next open house.

If you are thinking about selling your home, it is more than just quickly painting your home the next trendy colour.  If you want a quick sale at or above market value, here is a brief look at what a buyer will be looking for when they attend your next open house.  By understanding their wants and needs you will be better prepared for answering any questions that may arise.

There is much more to a house than exterior beauty. Even a seemingly pristine structure can house hidden secrets that will cost a pretty penny to repair. Fixing prior damage is no easy task but avoiding homes that are in disrepair is easy and necessary. Before showing your home be sure to look at the following parts of your property.

The Structure

A compromised structure is the last thing that you want to find. Finding that your house is sitting on a bad foundation, needs a new roof or has other structural inconsistencies can be devastating.  Structural damage is also the quickest way to lose a sale or give up thousands on your original asking price.

At minimal, these are very expensive repairs that take a lot of time and resources, but they must be completed to have a home that is deemed sound. Some of these issues are very difficult to spot with the naked eye and hiring an inspector may be worth your time before showing your home.


An additional often unseen component of a home is the plumbing. Bad piping can be nearly as costly to repair as damage to the structure. Before listing your home, be sure to check that every faucet runs efficiently and that all drains are in working order. Keep an eye out for clogs.  Again, check for leaks or any signs of prior water damage. Ensure that the piping is in good working condition.


Electrical wiring is nearly a ghost when it comes to home tours. Bad wiring can be extremely dangerous and costly to repair. Again, before showing your home ensure that all light sockets work properly and replace bulbs so that no one gets the false impression that you may have electrical issues with your home.


Flooring is an additional costly home repair if it is left unseen. Water damage is common in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Before listing or showing your home, check these areas for damage or obvious signs of decay.


When you are listing your home, it is imperative that if you are going to ask top dollar or market value for your home that you are selling a top-notch property.  Either you can do the necessary repairs and ensure that the home’s envelop is in great condition or risk losing a sale when a buyer hires a building inspector.  The choice is yours.

Finally, in keeping with shifting outside, a great outdoor hobby that not only has health benefits but will also add to your home’s curb appeal is gardening.


Gardening can reduce stress and encourage positive mental health. It gets you outside, which gives you exposure to the sun, a great source of Vitamin D. With so many Canadians experiencing Vitamin D deficiency for most of the year, gardening is a great excuse to revitalize your body.

Studies have linked gardening to a reduction in depression and a drop in blood pressure. The ability to grow your fruits and vegetables will also promote a healthier lifestyle. With a lot of the food market turning toward an organic way of growing foods, nothing can be more organic than growing your own. Homegrown food not only tastes better, it is fresher and you know for sure what has gone into growing that particular fruit or vegetable.


If you have a family, gardening is a great activity to do together. All members of the family can contribute and enjoy the process. It is also a great way to expose your kids to healthy foods and to allow them to see and be a part of the natural process of growing plants. Who knows, it may instill in them a lifelong love of gardening!

What a great opportunity to grow your own pumpkins for Hallowe’en or that prize-winning giant squash. Gardening will also educate your children about the plant life cycle and all that it entails.


The most important aspect of any hobby is that it has to be fun. If you are not having fun, then you must not be doing it right! Gardening should bring out your inner child. Remember when it was fun to dig in the dirt and look for worms? Well, gardening will bring back those memories. It is your opportunity to grow what you want in the amount you want. Over time, gardening should bring you a deep-seated satisfaction as you have nurtured your garden from seedlings to harvest.

By increasing your home’s curb appeal especially by choosing to repaint your home before listing it, you should be able to take full advantage of the NOTL traditional spring real estate market. When you are painting, be sure to have a look at the overall structural soundness of your home so that you can present a great home to any buyer and ensure a quick and full market value sale.

In the meantime, if you are looking to get outside this spring, I suggest gardening as a hobby for not only you but also your home’s overall appeal.  If you would like more information on any of the previously mentioned points or are interested in listing your home on NOTL real estate market, please contact me today.  I would love to be a part of your sales team and look forward to working with you soon.