Have a property to rent in Niagara-on-the-Lake?

If you own a home in or around Niagara-on-the-Lake and are thinking of renting it out, I would be very happy to assist you to find tenants.


Often, people will make the decision to buy in the Niagara Region but want to take their time to decide exactly where they want to live. Will it be in Old Town, the edge of NOTL, Queenston Village, St. David’s, Virgil? Do we want an old heritage home, a brand new bungalow or town home or maybe a building lot and then have our dream home built to our design? Whatever their reasons are, it can often be beneficial for them to rent a home for a while. This allows them the opportunity to live in the area and really experience life here. They are then in a position to take their time to make right decision for them.

Due to the fact many people retire to this area, there is a steady stream of people searching for rental homes and I have a list of potential tenants who are waiting for the right house.

Whether you decide to rent out your property for a few months or a year, furnished or unfurnished, I will be happy to assist you by listing your home for rent and working with you to find the right tenants.