Niagara Homes – Seller’s Resources

Niagara on the lake Real Estate - Kevin Stokes | SoldAssuming you have made the decision to sell your current home, your next major decision is, who will you list your house with? Clearly, if you have found your way to my Niagara Homes page, then my marketing is working! That is a major first step in getting your own home found.

If you found me, potential home buyers will find me too.

How will I sell your home?

Below, I have set out the steps I will take and the advice I will give you to ensure your home sells at the highest possible price and in the shortest possible time.

  1. Preparing your home for selling
    The first step to selling real estate is to properly present your home to the NOTL Real estate market. This might involve tidying various areas of the yard, carrying out some exterior painting, ‘decluttering’ the interior, changing some room paint colours to neutral shades, perhaps staging your home and removing a number of personal items, etc.
  2. Accurate pricing of your home through CMA
    I will carry out a comparative market analysis (CMA) in order to show what other homes of similar type have sold for in your area. This will give you a very good idea of the price range your home should be listed at.
  3. High quality photographs and video
    Good quality photographs of your home are a huge help when advertising real estate. Far more people will choose to view your home if the first impression is good. Often a video of your home is beneficial, especially if we are trying to convey a ‘lifestyle’ that is desirable.
  4. Marketing on the Internet
    When you list with me, your home will be listed on three websites to include my personal website, our office website and the MLS website. By listing your home on all three, you will benefit from maximum exposure to potential buyers in the market.
  5. Other advertising and marketing
    In addition to the internet, I will also promote your home through local newspaper advertising and it will be displayed in the windows of our offices. Our Bosley Real Estate office has a particularly high volume of pedestrian traffic so this is a BIG advantage. Having a ‘For Sale’ sign on your front lawn is a major benefit too. I will mail flyers to your neighbours – often, many home purchasers come from within your own community.
  6. Open Houses
    Holding open houses is a great real estate tactic for bringing potential buyers to view your home. Without the need to book a formal viewing, people feel more at ease and will always make arrangements to view again if they are interested, or will tell others who might be considering a move.
  7. Qualifying buyers
    It is important to establish that a potential buyer is in a position to actually buy! Is their home sold or even on the market? Will they qualify for financing? What is their time frame for moving? You need to know who and what you are dealing with and I will ensure you are informed.
  8. Regular feedback and updates
    Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you are being overlooked. By regularly updating you on viewings, feedback, my next plan of action, etc, you will know you are being looked after and not being forgotten.
  9. Prompt resolution of queries and issues
    If questions arise that need answers, I will ensure they are dealt with promptly and accurately. This removes delays and helps to ensure an interested buyer does not ‘slip away’.
  10. Make the buying/selling process as trouble-free as possible
    By eliminating any potential problems at the early stages, snags can be avoided. Perhaps a home inspection report up front can reveal minor issues that are fixed before listing. An SPIS (seller property information statement) will list many details about your home and will answer many questions at the beginning. Providing local information such as schools, medical facilities, churches, shopping options, etc. will all help to give the potential buyer a good ‘feel’ for the area.
  11. Handle negotiation through to closing
    Once we have a buyer and the offer is in, I will work with you and advise you to help ensure the deal progresses through to a satisfactory conclusion and that all parties are happy with the outcome.

To get started, please feel free to contact my Niagara Homes office or call me directly at (905) 988-3222 anytime to start with a friendly, casual conversation.