Skip the Tree When Staging Your Niagara on the Lake Real Estate

You have made the decision to place your home up for sale this holiday season. Congratulations, as winter is a great time to sell Niagara on the Lake real estate. So many eager buyers are enjoying the crisp, cool air and eagerly anticipating spending the holidays in their new home.

Getting your property ready for the market can be quite stressful. There are repairs to be made, packing to do and house hunting for yourself. Not to mention, you must also maintain your career and home life. Bringing in a Christmas tree will only add unnecessary stress to your already long list of stressors. Here are some easy alternatives to that messy tree that might have you changing your traditional holiday decor.

Calendar Tree

An Advent Calendar is both useful and beautiful. Those days through the holidays often fly, especially when selling your home has your attention. Rather than cluttering your beautifully staged home with a Christmas tree, create your own Advent Calendar on a wall in your home. Constructing this calendar into the shape of a tree will be a touch that your potential buyers appreciate. Skip those annoying tree bristles, but not the holiday cheer.

Rustic Step Ladder

This idea is perfect for those who love to bring the outdoors inside through the holiday season. If your home is more compact, or if you would just like an additional seasonal touch for your interior, you will enjoy this version of the traditional Christmas tree. Start with a step ladder. You may place this ladder on a sled, if one is available. Fill the rungs of your ladder with fake Christmas tree branches in the color of your choice. You may add other decorations as well, such as a lovely ribbon or holly.

Painted Tree

Butcher paper and white paint is all that you need to make a cute rendition of a Christmas tree that your potential buyers will find ingenious. You do not need to be an artist. In fact, the more abstract, the better. Simply paint your version of a tree onto your butcher paper, however large you choose. A frame will complete this design, then you hang your work of art on the wall of your choice.

Tomato Cage Tree

Your springtime garden accessories can also be useful in the winter. Turn a tomato cage upside down, pulling in the prongs until you have a nice cone shape. Wrap this construction with your choice of Christmas lights. Decorate with additional details if you feel that your creation is in need.

Sell Your NOTL Real Estate this Season

Winter makes staging your NOTL home easy, all thanks to the holidays. Rather than stressing over the latest trends, simply fill your home with holiday cheer that potential buyers will enjoy. Skipping the tree and using an alternative will make your staging even easier. If you have questions about selling your home this holiday season, visit our selling page or contact a representative with Niagara on the Lake Real Estate today.