Niagara Real Estate – Fall is here!

Fall can be a beautiful time of year here in the Niagara area as the leaves turn from rich green to a mottled mix of yellows, browns and reds. As they fall, I have to give thought to the clearing up of my yard. I am fortune (so might say unfortunate) to have a half acre lot, much of which is woodland so the quantity of leaves that need to be cleared can be a bit overwhelming.


As the temperatures drop and we have a few wet and gray days, the number of outside events tails off a little and we start to see more indoor activities getting organised.

On Thursday evening, there was an Art and Writing event at the Niagara on the Lake Heritage Museum. This was the first time for this event and as it was organised by some good friends of ours, my wife and I went along. There was cheese and wine, deserts and coffee. We were treated to readings from a number of local writers who had written Halloween related works and there was a small display of local artist’s work. The event was well attended with around 100 guests.

Saturday evening, we met some friends at The Old Winery – a really nice local restaurant – and had a great meal. In the bar area, they usually have live entertainment and this Saturday was no exception. We sat there and enjoyed a few drinks while The Niagara Rhythm Section played and they had a guest harmonica player who was absolutely amazing! Before we knew it, it was midnight and the band was playing their finale. A very enjoyable evening.



We got up early on Sunday for a day visit to Toronto. It was a bright and sunny day and we were meeting friends at The Beaches for Brunch. We love that area of Toronto and at only a 90 minute drive from NOTL, it is easy to visit for brunch! Afterwards, we drove into downtown and lined up to see the new Toronto Aquarium. The crowd was large and the line-up was about half an hour long but it was worth the wait. The aquarium is amazing and it was great to wander through the complex with so much to see. The tanks are incredible with fish and other sea life swimming overhead as you pass through glass tunnels. The displays are very informative and the whole place is well designed. We will be back!

Toronto Aquarium

After leaving the aquarium, we went for a drink at the Steamwhistle Brewery across the street – the former railway roundhouse and turntable converted to a brewery still has a fine collection of railway locomotives to see.

Steam engine Steamwhistle

We left the downtown area and went to our friends for a great dinner before heading back to St Davids in Niagara. Once again, a great weekend.