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I don’t about you but one of my favorite pleasures in life is great food! Whether it’s something that is lovingly prepared and enjoyed at home or beautifully laid out before me at a restaurant.

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One of the many great benefits of living in the Niagara-on-the-Lake area is the generous selection of fine eating establishments. Quite a few in NOTL itself are at the higher price range but fine dining with great wine never comes cheap! One of the most beautiful settings for fine dining, in my opinion, is The Riverbend. This grand Georgian style mansion boasts a great location along the Niagara Parkway and beautiful views across the vineyards to the rear. I was fortunate enough to win a dinner coupon for Riverbend recently and plan to return very soon!

Niagara on the Lake Real Estate - NOTL real estate | Ravine Vineyard

Quite a few of the wineries have excellent restaurants and another favorite is Ravine Vineyard at St David’s. This one has the added benefit of being located about one mile from my home. Peller Estates has a great restaurant too and we dined here a few months ago with the social club we belong to during the Fabulicious This is when many of the local restaurants offer a very reasonable fixed price food and drink package for a limited period of time. It encourages people who might not usually visit the higher end restaurants due to price, to give them a try.

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On the subject of price, sometimes I just want good quality, tasty food that is inexpensive. This means I can eat out more often which is a good thing. A great example is the Zooma Zooma Café in Jordan. Great food,  great price, live music occasionally, lovely patio, friendly service.

The other night, we decided to eat at home but get a good takeout. There is a great Mexican up the road from home called Frijolies. Their  home made hot sauces are VERY HOT and all their food is freshly prepared.

Having written this article, I am now feeling pretty hungry so it is time to hunt out somewhere to eat tonight. I will let you know how it goes!

If you would like to move to the area and experience the many dining options this region has to offer, get in touch with me, Kevin Stokes, at my Niagara Homes office.