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A List of the Best Holiday Events in Niagara

That special time of the year is here once again.  It is time to get out and celebrate the holiday season with your friends and families.  The Niagara Region offers a wide range of exciting community events to help get you into the holiday spirit.  As the premier NOTL real estate agent, I would like to share these great winter events and festivals with you.

Winter Festival of Lights

This is a must see event.  Niagara’s Winter Festival of Lights is Canada’s foremost illumination festival and runs from November 3 until January 31. Come celebrate this magical event and see Niagara Falls transformed into breathtaking colours.  Millions of sparkling lights and other illuminated displays can be found in Niagara Park, the Parkway and Dufferin Islands.  The Festival occurs nightly from 5 pm until midnight.  Although this is a free event, a donation is greatly appreciated.

Some of the festival’s highlights include:

  • Laser light show at the top of Clifton Hill.
  • The three-dimensional Angels at the Niagara Parks Police Building.
  • The two storey high Zimmerman Fountain.

This year’s Festival of Lights will also be accompanied by a fireworks show.  For more information about the Winter Festival of Lights and a schedule for the fireworks show, please visit:

Deck the Falls Walking Tour

Deck the Falls offers ticket holders an opportunity to enjoy some unique winter activities in Niagara on the Lake’s tourist district. Deck the Falls takes place over the first three weekends of December and some of the highlights include:

  • Pop-up carolers.
  • Gourmet food samplings and holiday beverages.
  • Holiday themed photo-ops and craft activities.

Santa Claus Parade

Come out and see your favourite winter themed floats and Santa himself at this year’s annual Santa Claus Parade.  With a wide range of live bands, colourful floats, mascots and entertainers, this is a great way to get into the holidays.

Niagara on the Lake Candlelight Stroll

Come join in on some old fashioned Christmas cheer and be a part of the Niagara on the Lake Candlelight Stroll.  Take a guided walk through the historic town accompanied by local choirs and seasonal entertainment.  The stroll begins at the Old Courthouse building and runs from 6:30-9:00 pm on December 1.


Christmas Markets

Niagara on the Lake is home to various outdoor Christmas Markets that offer an excellent selection of one-of-a-kind crafts.  You are sure to find a great gift for even the hardest to shop for person on your Christmas list.  Get a head start on your holiday shopping and enjoy some of the tastes, sights, sounds and smells of the tradition of Christmas.

These are just a few of the many great holiday events that abound in the Niagara on the Lake area.  If you are interested in living in Niagara on the Lake or would like to see some of the new real estate opportunities available in the community, contact me today.  I would love to show you why the holiday season is such a magical time of year.

Happy Holidays.



5 Tips for Selling Your Home in the New Year

Now that the holiday season is behind us and you have made all of your 2018 New Year’s resolutions, it is time to get back into a routine and begin to plan for the months ahead.  If part of your 2018 includes selling your home, we at Bosley Real Estate would like to offer you these important tips that can ensure a quick sale at a high price.

Find the Right Agent

The most important part of selling your home is finding the right real estate agent.  Some of the qualities that you will want in your agent include:

  • Honest and hard working.
  • Has intimate knowledge of the area and understands the local housing market.
  • Is flexible and always has your best interests in mind.
  • Understands the internet and how to use this as a selling and marketing tool to attract a wide range of potential buyers.

Set a Date

Once you have found the right agent, it is time to sit down with them and plan when you want to put your home on the market, when your open houses will be and when you would like to have your home sold by.  This process may become even more important and complicated if you are buying a new home at the same time.


The more planning and time you give yourself, the less stressful the entire home selling process will be, so make sure to include a very flexible timeline in your selling plans.

Repair and Replace

Now that you have a firm date in mind and have found the perfect real estate agent, it is time to look at the overall condition of your home and see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced.

Here’s the Deal:

It is important that before you show your home, you have everything in perfect working order.  In the real estate world the old adage is true – you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

A poor showing can hurt your bottom line and keep your home on the market longer than you may like.

Less is more

While you are fixing and replacing any broken or well-worn items in your home, make sure to also de-clutter and organize your belongings.  The one positive about moving and selling your home is that it gives you the opportunity to take stock on what you need and what you either can give away, throw away or sell.

A well organized and de-cluttered home is also important when it comes to showing your home.  Buyers want to see open-spaces and have the opportunity to envision where their personal belongings will fit into these spaces.  A cluttered home will not only impede this process, it may also slow down the overall selling process.

Stage It to Sell

After you have organized your belongings, it is time to stage your home to sell it.  Make sure to remove personal items from each room and put all non-essential items and belongings either in storage or pack them away for your impending move.

If you would like any help or advice with staging, I would love to help.

By following these New Year’s home selling tips, you should be able to sell your home quickly and at a high price.  If you would like to see other comparable homes on the Niagara on the Lake real estate market or would like to see how I can help sell your home, please contact me today.



a young, attractive, happy family of three; mother, father, and baby, sit with their dog outside a large cabin in the woods

Choosing the Right Size Home for Your Needs

During my career as a Niagara on the Lake realtor, I’ve found that the most important thing in shopping for a new home is size. If your new home is too large or too small, it can seriously decrease your enjoyment and make you wish you’d taken a little more time during the home shopping process. Fortunately, with the right tips and advice from an expert realtor such as myself, you can easily pick a home that fits you like a glove, in size and in budget.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right size home for your needs and hints for finding exciting Niagara on the Lake real estate.

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Niagara-on-the-Lake Fund Raises Nearly Half a Million for Community Support

Between our successful businesses, generous community members and gorgeous Niagara-on-the-Lake real estate, our city is truly blessed in many ways. Wishing to spread these blessings around, the Niagara Community Foundation recently established the Niagara-on-the-Lake Fund, which will pool together financial resources to support long-term charitable goals and build legacies.

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Niagara on the Lake Real Estate Open House Tips

As a real estate agent with many years of experience, I’ve found that hosting an open house is an excellent way to draw potential home buyers to a property. In every open house I set up, I try to allow for a more relaxed atmosphere that allows viewers to feel more at ease and comfortable in the home, making it more likely that they’ll make an offer on your property.

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3 Tips to Help Declutter Your Niagara on the Lake Home

Whether you are thinking about selling your home or not, it is never a bad idea to think about organizing, reorganizing and downsizing the amount of stuff you manage to accumulate over time. If you have been thinking about selling your home and are looking to cash in on a seller’s market and full market value, it is imperative that you de clutter your home before putting it on the market. Here are 3 tips to help you de-clutter your home and get it ready for sale.

Set Up a Schedule
Depending upon how long you have lived in your home or how many items you have managed to accrue over the years, the thought of cleaning up your home and organizing your stuff may seem a little overwhelming. If this is the case, try to set out a timetable or schedule with deadlines that you feel are realistic. This schedule can also include lists or categories of what will be sold (perhaps at a garage sale) what will be given to the local thrift shop and what will be thrown out. This red hot Niagara on the Lake real estate market may not last forever so the quicker you can get your home on the market, the better.

One Room at a Time!
When you are creating this schedule, try to break your home into simpler, smaller components such as rooms. Set up a timeline that will allow you to declutter your home room by room in a systemic and time sensitive manner. For example try decluttering one bedroom a week or for more intensive jobs such as the kitchen or garage, set aside a full weekend. You will be surprised how quick the process will go when it is broken down into manageable chunks.

A Clean House is a Sold House!
Once you feel that you have organized and decluttered your home, it is now time to stage your home for resale on the market. A decluttered home gives the appearance of a home that has been well taken care of and this is definitely something that all potential buyers want to see. Remember, buyers want to see their lifestyle and belongings in your home, not a cluttered and chaotic portrayal of your life and lifestyle.

If you have been thinking about taking advantage of this summer’s red hot Niagara on the Lake real estate market, remember that is important to declutter and organize your personal belongings before putting it on the market. If you have any questions about how to go about decluttering your home or want more information as to how I can help you sell your home contact me today.