4 Tips for Finding a Rental Home in Niagara on the Lake

Many people relocating to the Niagara on the Lake area decide that finding a short or long term rental before purchasing real estate is the best option. This route gives you extra time to shop as a buyer and get to know your new location. There are many rental options available in NOTL, but finding one that fits your short or long term needs may be a hassle. Use these tips to quickly locate a great rental home.

  1. Search Below Budget

Saving money to put towards a purchase while renting your home can be easy if you rent below your budget. Landlords often charge extra for appliances or landscaping, so be sure that you know the full amount you will be paying monthly. Inquire about utilities and garbage pick-up. These are often included in rent, but can increase your monthly bills by hundreds of dollars. Being prepared is much better than being under the impression that you are getting a great deal, only to be surprised.

  1. Shop for Temporary, Not Permanent

Keep in mind that this is only a rental — your temporary stepping stone towards your own, permanent home. The colors of the walls or the terrible kitchen layout are factors that can be overlooked for a few months while you shop the NOTL real estate market. Find a rental that meets the needs of your individual situation. If you are looking for a home that is a long term solution, a year or more, you should still put budget before looks on your priority list.

  1. Carefully Read Your Lease

It is important that you are fully aware of what is stated in your lease before you sign. If your plan is to purchase a permanent home in less than 6 months, be sure your lease ends at a convenient time. You may inquire with your potential landlords about the possibility of a month to month lease if you are unsure of the amount of time you will be needing a rental home. There are many laws protecting you as a tenant; become familiar with them and the responsibilities of your landlord, as well as your own.

  1. Use a Real Estate Agent

Using a real estate agent to help your find the perfect rental home will make the experience much easier for you, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Agents know the rental market, and can help you get a great deal on a home that meets your wants and needs. Negotiating a lease agreement always goes smoother with professional representation — a great benefit of having a real estate agent on your side during the process.

Niagara on the Lake Real Estate is comprised of professionals who are dedicated to helping you find a great rental in the area. This is a team you will enjoy working with, and will want to return to when you decide to shop for your first NOTL real estate purchase. If you are looking for a rental in the NOTL area, contact me today.

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