Painting at the Pumphouse

NOTL real estate - Kevin Stokes - Pumphouse

Just when I thought I was having a quiet night in, watching TV and playing on my laptop (seem to spend way too much time doing the second), I was advised by my wife, I had been ‘volunteered’ to do some painting at the Pumphouse! Not the artistic type of painting ( I would be hopeless at that), but the walls, ceiling, baseboards, etc.

My wife is a volunteer and  member, and I have also helped out from time to time with the Art by the Lighthouse show held in August. It is a great venue and they get lots of really talented artists holding salons there throughout the year. It was decided it was time to ‘spruce up’ the décor a bit as so many people visit, and it needed to be done over a few days by an enthusiastic group of people. Tonight  (Tuesday) was my turn.

One of the many reasons we chose to move here, was to get involved in community activities and there are lots to choose from here. If you are visiting the area, possibly with a plan to move here, the Pumphouse is definitely worth a visit………..

Kevin Stokes

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